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Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine (2 Roll Type)

We offer well designed Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machines In India and abroad. The Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine (2 Roll Type) is based on thread rolling, which is a cold-forming operation for external screws threads in a blank. The blank is pressed by thread rolling dies that are attached to the machine. The threads are formed by the pressing progress. The company is counted among the trusted Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine (2 Roll Type) Manufacturers, suppliers, and Exporters. We offer Hydraulic Thread Rolling Machine (2 Roll Type) at reasonable prices.

Used For Manufacturing
  • Screws
  • Bolts
  • Tools

» Specifications

Max. Pitch Can be Rolled (in mm)2.53.5455.58
Max. Dia can be Rolled in feed (in mm)25405080100125
Max. Dia can be Through feed (in mm)162835405070
Max. Rolling Length in feed (in mm)80150150150150150
Max. Rolling Length Through feedIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefiniteIndefinite
Max. Outer Dia Thread Rolls (in mm)150180200220220220
Spindle Dia (Bore Dia) (in mm)545469.8569.8569.8569.85
Max. Rolling Force8 Tons13 Tons15 Tons24 TONS30 Tons40 Tons
Power for Roll Spindles3 H.P. 1400 RPM5 H.P. 1400 RPM7.5 H.P. 1400 RPM10 H.P. 1400 RPM12. 5 H.P. 1400 RPM15 H.P. 1400 RPM
Power for Hydraulic Pump2 H.P.3 H.P.5 H.P.5 H.P.5 H.P.7.5 H.P.
Power for coolant pump0.1 H.P.0.1 H.P0.1 H.P0.1 H.P0.1 H.P0.1 H.P.